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6 Best Realtor Website Designs To Be Inspired By

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We picked the following examples of the best realtor website designs to inspire you to create your own.

Modern web design for realtors is crucial when it comes to marketing real estate services. To begin, pick a great domain name and reliable hosting for your website. In case you’re wondering, a domain is your website’s address and hosting is where all your site’s files are stored.

We recommend going with Bluehost since they offer a free domain with all their hosting plans.

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Once you’ve signed up, pick a great WordPress realtor theme to start building your website.

Here are the best real estate website examples.

1. Bill Flood

Made with: Divi

Why it stands out: Bill Flood’s website layout is intuitive and user-friendly, providing an engaging and easy-to-navigate experience.

2. Homes USA

Homes USA web design for realtors

Why it stands out: Very few websites can pull off a dark layout and Homes USA excels at it while adding depth to its functional design.

3. Susan Breitenbach

Susan Breitenbach realtor website design

Why it stands out: Merging the navigation bar with the full header image is a brilliant design approach that works well in Susan Breitenbach’s real estate website.

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4. Craig Morris

Craig Morris web design for realtors

Why it stands out: With eye-catching images and a modern layout, Craig Morris’s website hits it out of the park.

5. List With Freedom

List with Freedom realtor website design

Why it stands out: List With Freedom infuses a minimalist yet modern design while incorporating a unique typography choice that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

6. Campion

Campion and Company realtor web design

Why it stands out: With a captivating selection of images and stylish dynamic elements, the Campion realtor website is in a league of its own.

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