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6 Best Nonprofit Websites: Designs We Love in 2024

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Some of the best nonprofit websites in the world are designed using dynamic elements that leave a lasting impression. Organizations rely on websites to raise mission awareness and attract donors to fund campaigns.

Two key things to remember when starting web design for nonprofits are buying a domain name and setting up web hosting. A domain is the website address whereas hosting is storage for all the site’s contents such as text, video, and images.

We recommend signing up with Bluehost. They offer a free domain when you get any of their hosting plans.

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Whether you build the site yourself or hire a web designer, we advise choosing from one of many nonprofit WordPress themes to get a jump start on your project.

Here are the best nonprofit website examples.

1. Feeding America

Made with: Divi

gfast nonprofit website

Why it stands out: The g-Fast website impresses visitors with high-quality images of their fleet of search aircraft as the backdrop to a centered call-to-action that can’t be missed.

2. United Way

united way nonprofit

Why it stands out: As far as nonprofit websites go, United Way exceeds all expectations with its brilliant color scheme and extremely friendly and functional layout that leaves users in awe.

3. St. Jude

St.Jude is one of the best nonprofit websites

Why it stands out: St. Jude’s web design features a prominent hero section that compliments its modern uncluttered design — providing an immersive experience.

Nonprofit Websites

4. The Salvation Army

Salvation Army

Why it stands out: With a minimalist design, The Salvation Army delivers an unmatched quality website that provides smooth navigation, especially for mobile users.

5. Direct Relief

Direct Relief nonprofit web design

Why it stands out: Direct Relief’s donate call-to-action button sits in the navigation bar followed by its key messaging displayed in a split two-column header.

6. Feeding America

Feeding America

Why it stands out: Feeding America made the top of our list of the best non-profit website examples due to its simple yet modern design layout. We love how easy it is to navigate with prominent call-to-action buttons.

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