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6 Best Law Firm Websites

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Some of the best law firm website designs offer great user experience by utilizing modern web techniques. We have picked a few top ones to inspire you to create your own.

A great web design for law firms has many benefits including fantastic user experience and high conversion rates. But it all starts with buying a domain and picking the right law firm web hosting provider.

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Here are the best law firm website examples.

1. Toni Lee

Made with: Divi

Why it stands out: A Delaware County divorce lawyer, Toni Lee does a fantastic job of using full-scale images in the header slider module.


YLAW web design for law firms

Why it stands out: YLAW uses a minimalist yet elegant design approach while displaying clear messaging to its users.

3. Crucible Law

Crucible Law web design for lawyers

Why it stands out: A modern designed website, Crucible ticks all the boxes when it comes to sleek and functional layout.

4. Liti Guard

Litiguard example of a lawyer website

Why it stands out: Using a black-and-white layout with a lime green accent, Litiguard does a great job of presenting a retro theme for its website.

5. West Coast Lawyers

West Coast lawyers web design

Why it stands out: The West Coast law firm website is a bold example of big messaging with the use of large text and an eye-catching call to action button.

Lawyer Websites

6. Hodgson Russ

Hodgson Russ law firm web design example

Why it stands out: An award-winning law firm, Hodgson Russ’s website displays a clean and unique design with a neutral color palette.