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10 Best Construction Website Designs For Inspiration

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If you are looking for the best construction website designs then you’ve come to the right place.

Web design for construction companies requires buying a domain name and setting up web hosting.

Whether you use a website builder or hire a freelance web designer, pick the right construction website theme to begin your project.

Here are the best construction website examples.

1. Mosaik Design


Why it stands out: As far as construction website designs go, Mosaik has done a great job focusing on the user experience and its company branding.

2. Napoleon Development

Napoleon Development web design for construction

Why it stands out: When it comes to web design for construction companies, it is important to utilize hero images from real-life projects, and Napolean Development does this well.

3. Phil Kouffman Builder

Phil Kouffman Builder Web Design

Why it stands out: A brilliant example of a construction website design, Phil Kouffman Builder takes a minimalist approach with a classy layout that displays beautifully across all devices.

4. Epstein

Epstein Global Construction Web Design

Why it stands out: A functional yet modern construction website design is exactly what Epstein implements in their company site.

5. Toll Brothers

Toll Brothers Construction Web Design

Why it stands out: One of the United States’ leading luxury home builders, Toll Brothers, offers online visitors a user-friendly construction website design.

6. Kean Development

Kean Development Construction websites

Why it stands out: Great website design for construction companies starts with the right images and color palette, which is evident in the Kean Developments site.

7. Camelot Homes

Camelot Homes Web Design for Construction Companies

Why it stands out: As far as construction web design examples are concerned, Camelot Homes does a fantastic job incorporating a clean image collage in the hero section of their site.

8. Hollub Homes

Hollub Homes Construction Web Design

Why it stands out: An award-winning construction company, Hollub Group beautifully showcases their projects utilizing modern web practices.

9. Marrone

Marrone Website Design for Construction

Why it stands out: Marrone & Marrone uses a minimalist approach with a slide-out desktop navigation menu, reducing clutter while ensuring a smooth user experience.

10. Rock Cliff

Rock Cliff Design

Why it stands out: Rock Cliff incorporates a bright color palette to its overall web design and presents its award-winning portfolio images right in the hero slider module.