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5 Best Church Websites: Designs That Stand Out

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Drawing inspiration from the best church websites is a great way to start your project. Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a web designer, there are a couple of steps to get started.

First, you have to buy a domain. Next, you’ll need to set up web hosting. A domain acts as an address for a website and hosting is where all the content including text, images, and videos are stored.

The easiest way to begin is to sign up with Bluehost. They offer a free domain with all their hosting plans and reliable customer support.

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When it comes to web design for churches, pick one of many modern WordPress church themes available to speed up the development process. Ready-to-use themes are great in that they can reduce project delivery times.

Here are the best church website examples.

1. Crossroads Church

Made with: Divi

Why it stands out: Setting the tone of this site is the eye-catching header image with a blue overlay which blends seamlessly with the rest of the layout.

2. Trinity Church

Trinity Church website design example

Why it stands out: One is pleasantly surprised to land on the Trinity Church website homepage and welcomed with a minimalist yet modern layout that incorporates strategically placed CTA’s throughout its responsive site.

3. Emergence

Emergence Church website example

Why it stands out: A centered logo and navigation menu followed by a captivating image of a live event at Emergence creates an engaging experience for visitors.

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4. Christ Church

Christ Church web design example

Why it stands out: Christ Church is no stranger to design and demonstrates it well with a dynamic user-friendly design that is a pleasure to navigate.

5. City Centre Church

City Centre Baptist web design example

Why it stands out: From branding to a simple design, City Centre Church excels at communicating its message to visitors.

6. Fellowship Church

Fellowship Church web design

Why it stands out: An all-inclusive church, Fellowship takes a comedic approach with a Broadway poster-style banner image in its web design.

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