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11 Best Accountant Website Designs You’ll Love

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Some of the best accountant website designs use functional layouts and clear messaging. To inspire you, we’ve collected a few top examples.

There are many ways to start web design for accountants but they all require a domain name and web hosting. The domain name is an address for a website while the hosting is its home where all the website files such as images videos and texts are stored.

We recommend using Bluehost since they offer a free domain and hosting when you sign up for their plans.

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Here are the best accountant website examples.

1. Remostaff

Made with: Divi

Why it stands out: Remostaff displays a clean uncluttered navigation bar and eye-catching columns with blurbs that communicate its services effectively.

2. Koontz

Koontz & Perkin accountant web design

Why it stands out: When it comes to modern accountant website examples, the website design of Koontz & Parkin is exceptional. The content is easily readable without the need for excessive scrolling.

3. Warady

Warady accountant website

Why it stands out: Warady belongs in the best accountant website examples due to its mobile-first responsive design which creates a seamless user-experience.

Accountant Website Design

4. Robert Hall

Robert Half Accounting firm web design

Why it stands out: With so many great design features, one can easily see why this site is one of the best accountant website designs.

A local accounting firm based out of California, Robert Hall, is a well-known, award-winning organization whose amazing website design reflects exactly that.

In addition to using real office images with employees, Rober Hall also displays their award badges in a smooth slick slider section right below the hero image.

Scrolling down, one can’t help but notice how well each section is laid out to showcase the perfectly sized images beautifully and vertically centered text in grid elements.

5. Marcum

Marcum Tax Firm

Web design features: Marcum Accountants & Advisors is headquartered in New York and offers services to the business community and high-net-worth individuals. This is evident in their modern web design.

Built using the WordPress CMS platform, the website has a modern layout with perfectly positioned hover-over effects.

6. Spear Accounting & Bookkeeping

Spear CPA accounting firm

Why it stands out: Spear’s deserves a spot on the list of top accountant website examples for several reasons, but what stood out was its sleek and modern design, complete with a vibrant page background.

Furthermore, the web designer has incorporated the company’s Google reviews using a slider plugin that scrolls horizontally on an infinite loop, creating a great user experience.

Lastly, Spear’s web design team has done an exceptional job at staying consistent with the company’s overall branding.

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Accountant Web Design

7. Online Taxman

Online Taxman website

Why it stands out: Out of many cpa website examples, we think Online Taxman has done a fantastic job creating a minimalist design yet keeping it trendy and elegant.

The navigation menu bar has the right amount of padding and margins, making it easier to read.

Another wonderful addition is the video embedded on the homepage that educates users instantly on what the website offers.

8. Roth & Co

Roth & Co accounting website design

Why it stands out: Another great CPA website example, Roth & Co. is a masterpiece that that guides user attention to key messaging.

From its hover-over mega menu to drop-down categories on the header image, the design is simple yet effective.

We found this site to be highly responsive and informational without any added clutter. Furthermore, the website uses modern lightweight fonts and reduced CSS to increase page load times.

9. Precision Accounting

Precision Accounting web design

Why it stands out: Well-designed accountant websites simplify complicated tax information, and Precision Accounting does exactly that.

What we love about this website is the use of images with light tints and cool overlays to match the modern font.

Overall this website does a great job. However, it does take time to load, but upgrading to a better web hosting plan would fix this issue.

10. Better Accounting Solutions

Better Accounting Solutions website design

Why it stands out: Regarding cpa websites, BAS has designed its website using the perfect color palette that would looks great on all devices.

This website looks and functions great, from correct background image sizing to content order and element alignment.

11. Mark E. Feinsot

Mark E Feinsot accounting firm website

Why it stands out: Mark E. Feinsot was added to the accountant website examples due to its simple yet easy-to-navigate layout design.

It has a clear call-to-action button in the top bar of the header, followed by a well-structured navigation menu.

Another fantastic feature of this accountant website is the modern responsive design which looks great across all devices.