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How to get a Free Small Business Website Setup

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You might be wondering if getting a free small business website setup is something you should do, especially if you are just starting your business.

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Well, you are in luck! There are ways to get a free site but with some caveats. As the popular adage goes “No such thing as a free lunch”, the same is true when creating a website for small businesses.

Free Small Business Website Types

These “free” sites usually have third-party advertising displayed on them, which doesn’t look professional for a business site. Now this would work fine for a hobby or personal blog but wouldn’t be a suitable option for a business.

In reality, there are just two ways of getting a free website, using a free CMS platform like WordPress.org or a free starter site setup from an agency like us.

With WordPress.org, you won’t get your unique business domain name like www.mybusiness.com, rather it would be something like mybusiness.wordpress.org. Now, this might work if you’re starting out but if you require something more professional, then you will need a custom domain name.

If you decide to get a free starter website from us, we handle the setup without charging you for any design or development fees. With this solution, you’ll have zero ads on your website and a professional image online.

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Free Small Business Website Setup Process

“How is it possible to get a free website?” you may ask. It’s quite simple. You buy a domain name and sign up for hosting through one of our partners. Then we set up everything for you including your starter site for free.

Free Small Business Website FAQ

Is your small business website set up really for free?

100%! You don’t pay us anything. All we ask is you sign up for hosting through our partners. This way you get hosting that you would get anyway and we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Do you offer web design services for small business websites?

Our dedicated designers are just an email away. We offer on-demand web design services for small business owners. Need a single page or multiple pages designed and developed? No problem! Just send us a message.

How much does a small business website cost?

Many variables can impact the cost of a website. Have a look at our detailed guide on small business website costs to learn more.

Do you only build small company websites?

We build all kinds of websites including non-profit and company websites.

How can I get my free small business starter website?

When you’re ready, head over to the signup page to learn more about the process.